Our Services

​We pride ourselves on making timely pickups and drop-offs, communicating with parents regarding scheduling, destination changes, and ensuring peace of mind in transporting children.

CPR Certified
​All of our drivers are certified in administering CPR & First Aid. We never expect situations where CPR would be necessary, but rest assured our drivers have the capability to handle such events.
Quality Service
At Children's Caravan Transportation LLC, we believe that our quality of service with transportation is the number one priority. Our late-model fleet is maintained by qualified technicians, and all vehicles have entertainment.
Front Door Pickups & Drop-Offs
No more having your child walk several blocks to a bus stop or standing out in the elements waiting for the bus. We will pickup and drop off your child directly at home or designated location.
Safest Passage Routes
The safest passage route is knowing that your children are safe when going to and from school. Making sure that they arrive in the safety and comfort of our hands is the utmost goal.
We service Magnet, Charter, Private, and Public schools in addition to daycare and other extra-curricular activities your child may have. Please reach out to us for specific schools and coverage areas. 

children's caravan transportation, llc

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